Example: Leanne is the owner (supplier) listed on the Church microfit solar panelsMicroFIT contract. (Note: If more than one supplier is on the microFIT contract, you must register both names, for example on the microFIT contract it says: Leanne Brown And Scott Mark Brown, then for the HST number you would register it as both Leanne Brown and Scott Mark Brown)
  • The HST phone number to register is: 1-800-959-5525, press the * key to talk to an agent.
  • Leanne should make the call and tell them that she wishes to register an HST number for herself.
  • She will need her Social insurance number ready, the mailing address (which can be your residence or your accountant or bookkeeper address, wherever you want the records to be kept.)
  • The main business activity is: Sale of electricity
  • This is a voluntary registration
Projected annual earnings: (This is how much you estimate you will generate from the sale of electricity) ie. between $4000 – $5000/year
Projected yearly HST remittance: (This is the Projected annual earnings multiplied by 0.13) ie. $500-650/year
  • She will need to choose a contact person for the account which can be herself or an accountant.
  • The registration is for a sole proprietorship. (or where more than one are registere: a partnership)
  • You will need to choose a year-end for the business, and you should report HST quarterly so that you get your HST back right away.
  • That is all you need and if you have any questions, please call me. The phone call will take about 5 min. to complete.
  • After you have registered, you must notify your local hydro company that you wish to collect HST on the sale of electricity and notify them of your HST number.
In a few months you will receive your first remittance form. Complete the form showing how much HST you paid for the purchase of your solar panel system.
You will receive a refund for the HST that you claim that you paid on your purchase.
After you have received your HST cheque, you should call the HST office and ask them to switch your reporting to Annually. This means that you will now only have to report once per year, the HST that you have collected from the hydro company.
Keep in mind that when the hydro company pays you HST, it is not your money to keep. You are required to remit it back to the Canada Revenue Agency.
Legal Disclaimer: Paid4Power Inc. is not providing you with legal or financial advice. Use this information at your own risk. This information is subject to change according to HST laws in Ontario beyond the control of Paid4Power Inc.