Government Solar Incentives

When you were a kid did your parents ever give you incentives so that you would do something like brush your teeth? Even when you were a kid you knew brushing your teeth was good for you but it was also a lot of work and you had better things to do.

Part of the government’s job is to create new jobs and new markets to stimulate growth in the economy. One of the best ward to create an emerging market is to give incentives so that citizens want to be a part of something new.

Germany is the leader in solar energy worldwide. The German government has developed a great Feed-In Tariff program which has allowed the German people to install solar arrays. Japan, China and California are all major energy producer and manufacturers. These places first gained momentum when the government offered incentives for solar energy.

Solar panels have actually existed for hundreds of years. They were first invented in 1883. Solar panels were first used in space exploration in the 1950’s. The University of Waterloo created one of the first solar powered cars back in the 1990’s. However, it was not until the Feed-In Tariff program in Ontario that solar energy really took off.

Ontario is not the second largest solar energy producer in North America. In 2009 the Ontario Power Authority started a Feed-In Tariff program much like the one in Germany. Under the FIT or MicroFit program anyone in Ontario is able to receive a 20 year contract from the OPA. This 20 year contract states that you will be paid four times the going rate of electricity for every kWh put back into the grid.

This has rocketed Ontario into a leader of the solar industry. Several manufacturers of solar products have opened manufacturing plants here in Ontario to meet the demand.

The Feed-In Tariff program has created thousands of jobs in Ontario and opened a market in which Ontario is now a front runner.

Government Solar Incentives