Panasonic’s vision of the digital Poly Solar Panel 60-cell module future is driven by the needs and aspirations of our business
customers and millions of consumers around the world, who use our products every day. We share their dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances.

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Panasonic Solar Panels Poly 60.pdf

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Panasonic Solar Panels Poly 72.pdf

Paid4Power is a solar installer and developer in the Ontario Market.

We currently offer the lowest advertised pricing for complete turn-key solar installations in Ontario. We have not seen nor heard of better product pricing and installation work in the province.  Wendy Berglund Installation Pic (7)

We are committed to providing Ontario residents with the best installation options. This is why we offer solar panels from over six different manufacturers, inverter options from over five different manufacturers and only the best in installation practices.

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