Paid4Power supplies a variety of Solar Products.

Here are some data sheets of the products that we carry. For the best in solar panels, we recommend Hanwha Solar. Hanwha is the 5th largest solar manufacturer in the world andPoly Solar Panel 60-cell module offers the longest warranty in Ontario. Photovoltaic Solar Panels: Click the links to Download the Technical Specifications:



Inverters and Power Optimizers.   Inverters are the machinesolar edge inverter and optimizer at converts the DC (direct-current) solar energy into AC (alternating-current) electricity that we use in our homes and businesses. For an added boost to system efficieny and energy harvest, we recommend the upgrade to Solar Edge Inverters and DC-to-DC optimizers. Here are the specifications for inverters and DC-to-DC optimizers:

Micro-Inverter Systems. Enphase Energy buildsm215 Picture a device called a micro-inverter. This device is located underneath every panel in the array. It performs similar to a DC-to-DC Optimizer such a Solar Edge, or Tigo Energy. The main benefits of micro-inverter and DC-to-DC Optimization are; each panel in the array will always produce its maximum potential even in shaded settings, and the added benefit of system monitoring at the panel level. For more information on monitoring, please view our Live Solar monitoring page. Here is the data sheet for the M215 Micro-inverter:

Solar Panel Racking andIMG_20120503_091041 Aluminum Flashing. We only use Aluminium racking systems that incorporate stainless steel hardware to prevent rusting. Our racking system is guaranteed for 20 years.