Since 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has run the MicroFit program. Under the MicroFit program, individuals are able to install solar arrays on the roof of their homes, businesses and other buildings they own and receive a 20 year contract which pays a set amount of money for every kiloWatt hour that your system produces.

It’s a great program and one that great advantages for the individuals who participate in the program as well as the environment.  When it comes to installing the solar array on your roof you want to make sure that we pick the best company and one that you feel comfortable with.  There are a lot of solar companies out there.

When it comes to the MicroFit program some companies will submit an application on your behave to the OPA after you have signed on with them but you are also able to submit your own application and then sign a contract with whichever company you choose.

All companies will want a deposit when you sign the contract.  However, it’s important to remember that after you have paid your deposit you will also have to pay to have an engineer come and inspect your roof to make sure your roof can handle the extra weight of a solar array.  An engineer costs about $1,500.  You may also have to pay for a building permit or it may be included in the deposit, make sure that you are aware of all costs that are included in your deposit.

A solar array is a 20 year investment.  You want to make sure that you are comfortable with the sales person.  Make sure you pick someone who keeps in contact with you, someone who answers your questions and makes you feel comfortable with the whole process.

Look around, call around and make sure that you feel comfortable with a company that is knowledgeable, experienced and listens to your concerns.