Since the MicroFit program was initiated in 2009 the solar energy market in Ontario has exploded.  You’ve probably seen solar arrays on rooftops of businesses, schools or homes.  Solar trackers, which are ground mount systems that follow the movement of the sun during the day, are usually set up in farmer’s fields.

The MicroFit program allows homeowners and business owners to install a solar array on the roof of their property and receive monetary compensation for the next 20 years for every kiloWatt hour that the system produces.

It’s a great system that allows Ontario to be less dependant on fossil fuels and receive more energy from a clean, renewable source.

Investing in solar energy is a great choice but a choice that requires a lot of thought and some research.

There are a lot of solar companies all over Ontario.  It’s important when it comes to selecting the company that sells and installs your array that you pick a company that you are comfortable with and who will be able to do the installation properly and in a timely manner.

Some solar energy companies will complete the application to MicroFit for you.  However, this is something that you are able to do on your own if you wish.

On top of the cost of equipment and installation there are a few more costs that may or may not be included price.  An engineer will need to come to your property to make sure that your roof is able to hold the extra weight of a solar array.  The building permit and connection cost to your hydro company are other expenses as well as having an electrician come and complete the connection of your system to the grid.

Make sure that you are aware of all extra costs that are not included in your system.  Also, every company will need a deposit but make sure you are not paying the majority of the cost before anything is installed on your roof.  This can lead to companies collecting your money and not completing the installation.

Make sure that you pick a company that you are comfortable with, a company that answers your questions and listens to your concerns.