We live in a world for the discussion rages about renewable energy.  Do we really need it?  Will we run out of fossil fuels?  Are solar panels really something I want in my neighbourhood or on my roof?  The answer to all of these questions is, yes.

The total global population is tipping the scales at 7 billion people.  That’s a lot of people.  All of these people need to be feed, housed and need electricity to live.  Right now, in Ontario the majority of the electricity we use is generated using fossil fuel.  Nuclear power and renewable energies make up a very small percent of what we as Ontarians use.

That being said, fossil fuels are extracted from rock that existed in the Paleozoic Era.  The animal and plant matter that forms the fuel that we use is 570 million years old.  Dinosaurs, they became extinct 65 million years ago.  It’s safe to say that there is only a finite amount of biological material that is 570 million years old.

Whereas if you look to the sky, the sun in all it’s shining glory produces enough solar energy in one hour that could power the entire planet for a year.  Let me repeat that.  One hour of solar energy that reaches the earth could power the ENTIRE PLANET for a year.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) came out with the MicroFit and Fit program in 2009.  Under the MicroFit program you can now install a 10 kW solar panel system on your roof and for every kilWatt hour of energy that y our system produces, the OPA will pay you for the next 20 years.

It is very straight forward to get a MicroFit contract.  Each contract is submitted online and all that you require is your parcel register for the building you wish to install solar panels on and your hydro bill.

Paid 4 Power Inc has the lowest price in the industry right now.  A 10 kW system is installed for just under $30,000.  That’s quite a bit of money but it is better to look at solar panels as a 20 year investment.  An investment that guarantees a high rate of return.

If you’re the only one in your neighbourhood to get solar panels, you might stick out a little bit.  However, solar panels and flat and parallel to the roof.  If colour matters it is possible to get black solar panels that are the same colour as the roof they are sitting on.

Solar panels increase the life your existing roof.  Solar panels protect the shingles from the elements making your roof last longer.

Solar energy is clean.  Solar panels are quiet and just sit on your roof letting you sit back and help the environment and make some money.