The Feed-In Tariff program began in Ontario in 2009.  It has been a tremendous success with over 41,000 installations all over the province.  This has allowed the price of solar panels to drop to a third of their original price.  Ontario is now the second largest solar energy producer in North America, second only to California.  Many solar manufacturers have opened solar factories here in Ontario to help meet the new demand including Siliken, Heliene, Eclipsall, Sharp, Silfab, Sovello, SolGate, OSM, Canadian Solar, and more.

The Feed-In Tariff programs (both MicroFit and FIT) allow you to install a solar array on your property and receive compensation for every kiloWatt hour produced for the next 20 years.  These programs allow you to invest in green energy, provide a substantial income for yourself and invest in a greener future for Ontario.

There are many factors that come into choosing what solar panels will work best for you.

Price– Choosing to install solar panels is an investment and like any investment the amount of money you pay up front directly affects the return you will receive on your investment.  The lower the price the higher your return on investment will be.  Paid4Power has the lowest price for an installed 10 kW system, guaranteeing you the best return on investment.

Performance– Most solar manufacturers have their panels tested by a third independent party.  These firms are non-bias and test for many different conditions helping you to know what panels work best in climate you live in.

Reliability– Solar is a 20 year investment and you want a panel that will perform at its peak for that time.  Most major solar manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty on all the panels that they sell giving you peace of mind in your investment.

At Paid4Power we have the lowest installed price.  Have questions?  Fill out a contact form below and we’ll be happy to get to you.

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