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Perhaps you have heard of the MicroFIT program or seen solar panels being installed on Ontario rooftops and homes. I first became aware of the government paying a high rate for electricity generated from solar panels back in the fall of 2009. I was at a family thanksgiving party and my brother began to tell me about how the government was paying these high rates to Ontario home owners.  Info can be found regarding the rules of the MicroFIT program here.

Thus began my journey since 2009 in the solar business. I immediately saw this as a great opportunity for homeowners to help invest in both their own financial future,  and the health and well-being of our province and planet!

Since 2009 I have helped over 100 home-owners to install solar panels on their homes. It has been quite the journey and learning experience as well. I have also have solar panels installed on my own home as well. A link to my solar monitoring can be found on our live solar page . My home is the one that is 18 kW installed system under the Solar Edge heading.

One of the most common questions that I get regarding solar panels in Ontario is “How much energy / money does a 10 kW solar panel system generate”. It is a good question and I am glad that clients what to know the answer to this most important question. The answers comes down to a few factors: roof pitch, angle towards south, and amount of shading. Since most clients opt to install solar panels on the roof of their homes or out-buildings, typically shading is not a factor.  Roof tilt is not normally a problem because most homes constructed in Ontario have a relatively low roof pitch and this allows for their systems to get sun from any angle. The most effective rooftops are of course the ones which are facing true south, but a east or west roof is great as well!

A 10 kW system will typically generate 12,000 kWh per year on a south-facing roof. If it is east or west, it will be about 12-15% less than that.

The amount of income that these homes will generate comes back to the contract price that microFIT is paying you on your 20 year contract with them. If it is the microFIT 3.0 rate, it is $0.396/kWh, so 12,000 kWh/year will equate to $4,752/year in income. Since the contract with the Ontario Power Authority is 20 years, you stand to up to about $95,000 in revenue from you installation.

solar panels ontario

Since I began this endeavour in 2009, I have always striven to provide the lowest possible cost to the end client for the absolute best product. Cost of equipment is crucial in this business because it affects your return on investment. A lower cost per panel or per kW of installed solar panels, will result in a much faster pay-back period and a greater return on investment. Solar panels are an investment which pay high returns, and so the best product is actually the one with the highest return on investment. Our business is successfully offering the best product in Ontario because our prices are rock-bottom! How do we do it? Well, we don’t want to give out all of our secrets online but it has a lot to do with our streamlined installation process.

I have noticed that most companies in the industry are installing in a 4-6 month time period. Our installation period is typically 4-6 weeks! Other companies are required to work through expensive distribution chains because they do not have the capital to buy direct from factory sources. Often times our equipment is shipped directly from the factory floor to the customers’ home saving warehousing costs and intermediate expenses incurred.

Those are some of the secrets, but call us to find out exactly why we are different and how you can benefit from this difference.

Thanks for reading!

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