Solar Panel Systems

Solar Panel Systems

Why are solar panel systems becoming more popular in Ontario?

Solar is becoming increasingly more common in the province of Ontario. Have you ever wondered why that is so? It has a lot to do with the Ontario government’s push for renewable energy. This started back in 2009 with the Green Energy and Economy Act. This new law allowed the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to buy electricity at a high rate from producers of green energy, mainly solar panel systems.

Homeowners are participating in the program by purchasing complete grid-tie solar power plants and selling off the energy to the government.

What does it mean for you?

If you own a home, you can easily embrace this program and profit from the sun’s free energy. The solar panels produce energy in sunlight and that free energy goes right back to the grid. No batteries required. The energy is recorded by a second hydro meter, so you existing hydro bill will not go up or down. Paid4Power installs the system for the lowest price in Ontario and you get the highest return on Investment possible.

Clients are typically seeing a 15% return on their money. This means that your small investment can earn you thousands of dollars each year, money that you can spend on whatever you like.

The pros at Paid4Power are here to HELP! Contact them for an easy solution to get you started soon before the incentives run out.

For more information about our offers and what we do, please have a look at our site. You may find our Live Solar Monitoring section useful. Take a look at the Gallery to see the work we have done, and view the customer testimonials to hear what others are saying about us.

Solar Panel Systems

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