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Ever marvelled at why so many people are setting up solar power panels on their roofs?

Cambridge Ontario features a large number of installations of solar energy panels. Some of these installations are on rooftops of residential homes or even corporations.

However what are the building property owners getting out of it?

From 2009 the Ontario Power Authority is handling the MicroFit opportunity. By way of the MicroFit service, house owners together with building owners can certainly mount photovoltaic panels on their roofs, making the electrical energy that the panels produce available to the power grid for a 15% return on your investment for the future 20 year period.

Today the OPA offers contracts of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hr made. Each written contract that the OPA grants is for twenty years. It’s a pleasant investment that enables earnings for the coming 20 years as long as the sun’s rays are shining.

The vast majority of solar panel systems on residential rooftops now a days are ten kW. Paid4Power Inc, positioned in Guelph, is currently giving the lowest price for all of Ontario for a 10 kW rooftop array. For fewer than $30k Paid4Power will definitely request an application to the OPA on your behalf, provide an engineer to evaluate your rooftop as well as put up the solar panel array. The one part Paid4Power cannot include in the price is the connection payment.

Give them a phone call, they would love to answer all of your concerns.

Solar power is very simple if you make it that way. Get the experience going and see the amount of green energy you can generate. Do your part and take a look at the benefits associated with going solar. Don’t delay, call today.

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