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Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in Canada. The MicroFIT and FIT programs have attracted many investors and thousands of installations have taken place since 2009.

In Ontario today the government will essentially pay you to put solar panels on your roof. Let me repeat that. The government will pay you to produce energy for the province of Ontario on your roof.

It’s simple. Find a solar installer near you. Try Paid 4 Power Inc. They’re very nice. The company will put in an application for your property that you want to put solar panels on, be it a house, cottage or barn. Once the Ontario Power Authority approves your application you will be given a contract for 20 years that guarantees that the government of Ontario will pay you between $5000 and $6000 per year for the energy that your solar array produces. Once you have you’re approval the company will come and install your system. Your hydro company will come and install a new meter. You’ll now have two meters, one to measure your energy consumption (yes, you’ll still get a hydro bill) and one to measure how much energy your array generates.

Once the hydro guys get you connected sit back and enjoy the fact that while you’re sun bathing on your deck, you are also making money.

It is also possible to purchase a net metering system.  This is a system for which you are able to use all of the energy that your system produces.  This system has a battery backup to store what is not being used.  However, if you live in the city or somewhere where hydro is easily connected it is best to go with a MicroFit system.   Net metering if for those who live in fairly secluded places and where is hard to get and more expensive.

Think of solar panels as an investment in our future. An investment in your personal financial future; in the Ontario as a leader in renewable energies; in Canada so that we can change the world, through our production of green energy and the reduction of our carbon footprint.