Solar Panels Dryden

Ever asked yourself why everyone is placing solar systems on their rooftops?

Dryden Ontario has got a variety of installations of solar power panels. Many of these installations are on rooftops of domestic homes as well as institutions.

But why exactly are the building operators doing it?

From 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has now been managing the MicroFit program. By using the MicroFit service, home-owners and business owners are able to install solar panel systems on their rooftops, distribute the electricity that the panels provide back to the grid and make a 15% return on investment for the future 20 years.

Currently the OPA is giving you legal contracts of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hour produced. Every agreement that the OPA grants is for 20 years. It’s an excellent investment option that ensures an earning for the coming 20 years for as long as the rays of the sun keeps radiating.

A large number of systems on private rooftops at this moment are 10 kW. Paid4Power Inc, found in Guelph, is currently giving the cheapest for all of Ontario for a 10 kW rooftop system. For less than $30k Paid4Power will apply to the OPA on your behalf, have an engineer come check out your rooftop and build the solar array. The only thing Paid4Power cannot include in the price is the connection payment.

Give them a call, they would be happy to answer all of your concerns.

Solar is easy if you make it like that. Get the experience on track and find out the level of green energy you can produce. Do your part and take a look at the benefits associated with going solar. Don’t wait, call today.

Please contact us for additional specifics about how you can get involved.

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Solar Panels Dryden