Solar Panels Elliot Lake

Have you ever pondered why individuals are placing solar power panels on their roofs?

Elliot Lake Ontario boasts several installations of solar energy panels. Many of these installations are on rooftops of domestic or even businesses.

Having said that, precisely what are the building property owners getting?

Since 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has handling the MicroFit opportunity. By using the MicroFit program, individuals together with owners can position panels on their roofs, sell the electric power that the systems produce back into the grid which makes a 15% return on your investment for the next twenty year period.

As of late, the OPA offers legal agreements of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hr produced. The contract that the OPA supplies is for twenty years. It’s an interesting investment choice that enables income for the subsequent 20 years as long as the sun is constantly radiating.

Almost all solar designs on personal rooftops today are 10 kW. Paid4Power Inc, positioned in Guelph, is providing the cheapest for all of Ontario for a 10 kW rooftop array. For not even $30k Paid4Power will definitely request an application to the OPA on your behalf, have an engineer look at your roof top and even mount the solar modual. The only thing Paid4Power is unable to include in the pricing is the connection payment.

Give them a shout, they would really like to answer any of your questions.

Solar is simple if you make it like that. Get the experience started and see how much clean energy you can generate. Do your part and check out the advantages of going solar. Don’t wait, call right now.

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Solar Panels Elliot Lake