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Why are people willing to install pv panels on their roofs?

Kawartha Ontario has a great number of installations of solar power panels. Many of these installations are on rooftops of households as well as businesses.

Having said that, what exactly are the building operators profiting from?

As of 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has always been managing the MicroFit program. By way of the MicroFit service, folks and building and business owners can position solar panel products on their rooftops, sell the electricity that the systems creates back into the power grid and make a 15% return on your investment for the coming 20 year period.

Today the OPA is offering long term contracts of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hour provided. Each long term contract that the OPA provides is for 20 years. It’s an excellent investment that ensures earnings for the coming twenty yrs provided that the sun is constantly shining.

Many solar energy systems on household rooftops now a days are 10 kW. Paid4Power Inc, located in Guelph, offers the lowest price in all of Ontario for a ten kW rooftop solar panel system. For just $30k Paid4Power definitely will apply to the OPA on your behalf, provide an engineer to look over your roof area and then build the solar panel system. The only job Paid4Power does not include in the pricing is the connection payment.

Give them a call, they would be happy to answer any one of your questions.

Solar power is easy if you make it like that. Get the experience on track and find out the level of green energy you can produce. Do your part and see the advantages of going solar. Don’t delay, call right now.

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