Solar Panels North YorkEver speculate why people are putting solar collectors on their rooftops?

North York Ontario possesses many installations of residential solar panels. Almost all these installations are on the rooftops of residential buildings as well as institutions.

Having said that, precisely what the building owners profiting from?

As of 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has been running the MicroFit opportunity. By way of the MicroFit program, householders have the ability to set up photovoltaic panels on their rooftops, sell the electrical power that the panels provide back to the grid to make a 15% return for the coming twenty year duration.

At this time the OPA is providing long term contracts of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hour provided. Each long term contract that the OPA grants is authorized for 20 yrs. It’s an attractive investment choice that secures compensation for the subsequent twenty years as long as the sun is constantly gleaming.

A large amount of solar arrays on residential home rooftops are ten kW. Paid4Power Inc, located in Guelph, is offering the cheapest for all of Ontario for a ten kW rooftop solar module. For lower than $30k Paid4Power are going to request an application to the OPA on your behalf, have an engineer come look at your roof structure and then set up the solar array. The only thing Paid4Power does not include in the pricing is the connection price.

Give them a call, they would really like to answer all of your questions.

Solar is easy if you make it like that. Get the experience going and see the amount of clean energy you can generate. Do your part and check out the great things about going solar. Don’t delay, call right away.

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Solar Panels North York