Solar Panels Port ColborneEver wondered why a lot of people are putting solar power systems on their roofs?

Port Colborne Ontario possesses many installations of solar energy panels. Some of these installations are on rooftops of residential homes and even businesses.

But just what are the building property owners getting out of it?

As of 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has now been running the MicroFit opportunity. Through the MicroFit program, homeowners are capable of putting solar power panels on their rooftops. The electrical energy that the panels create is then sold right back to the electrical grid so the home owner can make a 15% return for the up coming twenty year duration.

At the present time the OPA provides legal agreements of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hr produced. Every signed contract that the OPA grants is for twenty years. It’s a thrilling investment option that enables profits for the up coming twenty years for as long as the sun-rays keeps gleaming.

A lot of solar arrays on house rooftops are ten kW. Paid4Power Inc, positioned in Guelph, is providing the most competitive price in all of Ontario for a 10 kW rooftop array. For fewer than $30k Paid4Power will definitely apply to the OPA on your behalf, have an engineer come look at your roof area and then set up the array. The only aspect Paid4Power does not include in the pricing is the connection charge.

Give them a telephone call, they would be happy to answer all of your enquiries.

Solar power is effortless if you make it like that. Get the experience started and find out how much clean energy you can produce. Do your part and check out the best parts about going solar. Don’t delay, call today.

Please contact us for further specifics about how you can become involved.

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