Solar Panels TimminsWhy do individuals place solar collectors on their roofs?

Timmins Ontario boasts many installations of solar energy panels. A lot of these installations are on rooftops of residential and commercial buildings.

However what are the building property owners profiting from?

As of 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has been handling the MicroFit program. Through the MicroFit service, home owners together with building owners can certainly set up solar collectors on their rooftops, sell the energy that the solar panels create back into the electrical grid, and make a 15% return for the upcoming 20 year duration.

At this time the OPA is giving legal contracts of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hr made. Every signed contract that the OPA gives is authorized for twenty yrs. It’s an attractive investment that guarantees earnings for the up coming twenty years as long as the rays of the sun keeps radiating.

Many solar panel systems on domestic rooftops are ten kW. Paid4Power Inc, situated in Guelph, is offering the cheapest in all of Ontario for a 10 kW rooftop solar array. For fewer than $30k Paid4Power definitely will apply to the OPA on your behalf, provide an engineer to check out your roof and also mount the solar panel array. The one item Paid4Power will not include in the cost is the connection price.

Give them a call, they would be happy to answer any one of your questions.

Solar is very simple if you make it that way. Get the experience started and see how much green energy you can generate. Do your part and check out the best parts about going solar. Don’t delay, call right away.

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