Solar Panels WoodstockEver wonder why persons are placing solar systems on their roofs?

Woodstock Ontario possesses many installations of residential solar panels. The majority of installations are on rooftops of homes and commercial buildings.

Having said that, exactly what are the building operators profiting from?

Since 2009 the Ontario Power Authority has been managing the MicroFit opportunity. Through the MicroFit program, consumers can easily mount panels on their roofs, resell the energy that the panels generate back to the grid and make a 15% return on investment for the upcoming 20 year contract.

These days the OPA is providing legal agreements of 39.6 cents per kilo-Watt Hour created. Each signed contract that the OPA allows is good for twenty years. It’s an attractive investment decision that provides profits for the coming twenty years so long as the sun keeps shining.

Most solar panel systems on residential rooftops are 10 kW. Paid4Power Inc, in Guelph, is giving you the most competitive price for all of Ontario for a ten kW rooftop system. For not even $30k Paid4Power definitely will fill out an application to the OPA on your behalf, provide an engineer to check out your roof and in addition put up the solar module. The one task Paid4Power does not include in the cost is the connection cost.

Give them a call, they would be happy to answer any of your concerns.

Solar is simple if you make it that way. Get the experience on track and see the amount of clean energy you can generate. Do your part and see the benefits of going solar. Don’t wait, call right away.

Make sure you make contact with us for even more information regarding how you can participate.

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